We’ve got you covered. Customer Dynamics can help you design the contact center you’ve always envisioned. Omnichannel. Integrated. Efficient. Leveraging leading technology solutions like Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM, Microsoft Office365, and NICE inContact we improve the overall “dynamics” between you, your agents, and your customers.

Solutions Overview

Contact Center
as a Service

Also known as CCaaS, this movement to the cloud allows your team to leap towards greater efficiencies in your contact center

CRM and Office Productivity

Customer relationship management (CRM) and office productivity software (Office 365) provide a simplified desktop to streamline workflows and solve customer problems on the first call

The Unified Contact Center

Enhanced customer experiences start with a unified solution where contact center, CRM and office productivity applications talk to each other in a seamless and cohesive fashion. Bringing these solutions together is what we do best


Contact Center as a Service

Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS)

Maintaining mainframes, PBXs, or other legacy systems can easily cost in excess of six figures annually, not to mention the lack of flexibility when adding applications, processes, or workflows.

By moving your contact center to the cloud, you can transform the way you do business and achieve your customer satisfaction goals.

In addition to doing more with less, a move to the cloud enables you to gain greater efficiency, resulting in reductions on the cost per call, cost per agent, and cost per contact.

Whether your contact center is used for general customer support, collections, as a help desk for technical support, or for outbound initiatives, Customer Dynamics can help you unify omnichannel routing and workforce optimization with the agility of the cloud.

CRM and Office Productivity

Employees are typically leveraging multiple disconnected systems and tools to do their jobs. Cut and paste between systems, duplicate entry, no single source of truth, all lead to inefficiencies in the workplace.

What could go wrong?

With Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Office 365, your team can work easily with centralized data and consolidated workflows from a single unified interface to locate information, assist the customer effectively and more efficiently manage your business.

Remove the clunkiness from your operations. Customer Dynamics can help plan, implement and support the CRM and office productivity solution your company needs.

Agents on call

Agents through glass

The Unified Contact Center

Customers are more demanding than ever and need to communicate with organizations through a variety of channels. This requires contact center agents to juggle phones calls, chats, texts, social channels, and more, all along with a collection of unconnected systems and tools.

Typically, agents use 13-17 different applications to service their customers. This old model won’t get it done today and will cause massive agent frustration, which can get directed negatively towards the customer.

Happy agents = happy customers.

With hundreds of installations completed, Customer Dynamics is uniquely positioned to do all the heavy lifting required to create a single, unified solution comprised of both leading contact center, CRM and office productivity software.


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